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is a thirty-minute drama following a rags to riches story about Veronica and Alani, two childhood friends trying to make ends meet in The San Fernando Valley. After an attempt to dig himself out of debt with a dangerous gangster, Deon, Alani’s ex and father of her child, hides a stash of cocaine in Alani’s kitchen. When Veronica discovers the drugs. Veronica devises a plan so big and so insane that it has to work, but her best friend Alani, is on the straight and narrow, and convincing her to help sell the drugs is not an option. 

By the time Alani figures out what Veronica has done it’s too late - their lives, and the lives of everyone involved in Deon’s botched home invasion are forever changed. Now with rival dealers, child services, and the police all at arm’s length, Alani and Veronica are in a literal make or break it situation. Only to break means jail or even death.

Cocaine Sisters: Image
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